A Database for Domestic Animal Gut Microbiome Atlas

Welcome to ADDAGMA

Animal gut microbiome plays important roles in the health and diseases of animal hosts. In recent years, the number and total volume of animal gut metagenomic data (including both 16S and metagenomic sequencing data) have been increasing rapidly. Here, we present the ADDAGMA (A Database for Domestic Animal Gut Microbiome Atlas) database which hosts all publicly available microbe-phenotype associations data from domestic animal species. Users can browse, search and download data of interest on gut microbiota associated with phenotype.

Presently, there are 4 animal species, including pig, cattle, horse and chicken from 356 publications curated into the database. The current version of ADDAGMA includes 290,422 quantification events (microbial abundance change) of 3,215 taxa associated with 48 phenotypes. ADDAGMA is freely available at: http://addagma.omicsbio.info/